2023,Five Revelations The masses Must Consider:Rv.Emmanuel

By Fr.Emmanuel Obadjere

Original text Fr.Emmanuel

According to the renowned catholic priest, who made these five revelations,about the danger pose by the two major party candidates, that it in the the best interest of the masses to choose Mr. Peter Obi as the president come 2023 polls.

Hear how he put it.

If you’re one of those who look up to me for guidance, I wish to state that for the 2023 election, Peter Obi remains the only wise option. The youth (your children) have no future in BAT and AA. These are my reasons:

1. Use the 2015 APC manifesto to evaluate them and you will discover gross insincerity and deception. The cumulative effect of the failure is that today our revenue is 1.6tr while debt servicing alone is 1.9tr. The country has collapsed under their watch. IT IS FOOLISH FOR ANYONE TO ARGUE TO THE CONTRARY.

2. BAT has consistently avoided any criticism of the APC led administration because of his ambition. That’s against moral imperative. Secondly, for the sake of justice and equity, the party should have yielded the presidency to the South East. It is virtuous and praiseworthy to yield to others what you consider an entitlement. This is the virtue exhibited by many of the saints we celebrate. BAT should have yielded to SOUTH-EAST; his zone having produced an Obasanjo and current VP. In fact, I don’t know how we can explain to our children unborn what parameters we used to withdraw an Osibanjo and replaced him with BAT.

3. The uproar that greeted the Muslem-Muslem ticket and his deafness to the outcry is indicative of what kind of insensitive presidency to expect. If we allow this to sail through, it will become a point of reference tomorrow to justify the inconsequentiality of Christians in political calculations in Nigeria.

4. Atiku should have also yielded to South East and deploy his extensive political machinery to convince and mobilize for Peter Obi. Instead, he wants another 8yrs of Northern presidency after Buhari’s. So, he’s just as guilty as BAT (selfishness). Also, his choice of Okowa on the ground that he wanted an Igbo man( as he stated today on Arise tv) is akin to opting for an Urhobo of Ondo State origin for a slot meant for the Urhobo of South-South. Or a Sen. Eghwrujakpor of Bayelsa State for a slot meant for Delta Central simply because he too is an Urhobo. Or the Yoruba of Kwara/North central on account of them being Yoruba too. If you do not see it as disingenuous, it is simply because it favours you today.

5. Having listened to Atiku today on Arise tv and with what I have seen of BAT, I am convinced beyond reasonable doubt that both men just want to end their earthly lives as president. Nothing new to offer. Peter Obi has a better knowledge of world economy and development plan. His ascetic lifestyle and Spartan discipline sets him apart from these beugeousies in these times of austerity. Extraordinary times require extraordinary measures! Remember, the current president of France won election when he was less than 40 on a political party he founded a year earlier.

Thank you.
Emmanuel Obadjere PhD.

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