The Nigeria Judiciary Dancing To sharia tone:school hijab case

By Fr.Emanuel Obadjere.
The Supreme Court of Nigeria gave a ruling some days ago on the use of  hijab by students in Lagos State.
So, Moslem students can now dress in religious garb to schools? This is what you get when you have  a country’s apex court dominated by adherents of one faith, with a fundamentalist/ Sharia judge  as CJN.
This is how Islam has always spread:  change the sociocultural pattern of the people and gradually portray an Islamic outlook. This is the reason the Lagos airport bears  Mohammed.
Any first time visitor to Nigeria through that airport needs not be told of the presence of Islam here.
But they will not allow the Abuja airport have a christian name. They allowed the name Nnamdi Azikiwe because it is not a Christian or English name.
Look at out currencies!, Go to streets in core Northern States described in Arabic. Anyone who sees no conflict  with that ruling  is only being pretentious.
Now terrorists can easily invade a school and target Christian and ATR students, I.e, those not in hijab.
I pray that the Supreme Court  may reverse itself soon, otherwise sombori will attend the Supreme court someday as a lawyer dressed like this!

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