The Cry of a Weeping Patriot:State Of Affairs In Nigeria

By: Ekeshiri Jude Emeka CSSp.
I write to weep for this beloved Country called Nigeria whose face has been disfigured with terror, vile ambition, wickedness and selfishness of a group of cabal in this great Nation called Nigeria. I may not have been touched directly by this state of affairs but no one can deny how hurtful it is for everyone who calls himself or herself a Nigerian. Where ever you go and introduce yourself as a Nigerian, at a first glance people disappear from your presence as if you are a leper and they look at you with distrust before coming to accept you as a different person with integrity because of the scandal caused by those who meddle into un-holy means in order to survive. Thus, the oil in their fingers has robbed all of us and we cannot escape from it.

Need political change

Politics is a game but it is a game of people with noble character, those whose interest would be to make things better for everyone in this country. I may not have been the most qualified to speak about this situation but I owe my people a voice that will cry out in the desert weeping and calling for change.

The lamentations of the people

The State of the nation is  in disarray and the plight of the good citizens is geared towards Sheol. Hell has broken loose and our hearts are broken when we think of the state of affairs of our dearest Nation Nigeria. People are kidnapped, rapped and killed yet our legal authorities sit and fold their hands doing nothing. Public funds are stolen at will while the people keep dying in poverty and hunger. The security forces oppress people and abandon them when terrorist inflict  their terror on innocent people.
Oh! what a dangerous situation we are in, oh! poor Nigerians. People are moving for a break-away from One-Nigeria because of all these abnormal state of living in Nigeria yet no good has come out of it.
I weep for our dearest country Nigeria because of the plight of those who support political parties rather than persons who have the interest of the vulnerable Nigerians at heart.

Hanging future in delegates

I weep for delegates who sold the future of their Children, if not their children, the future of their lineage to those who wish to gain power because of selfish life long ambition, may God restore those stolen glory of our good Nigerians.
I weep for religious figures who keep silent and support those that have destroyed the livelihood of their fellow country men and women, because of the gains they will receive or have received, may God direct your hearts.
I weep for those who carry religion on their heads, take the lives of innocent people in the name of religion and enthron evil people both with their votes and other wise in the name of religion. May you be enlightened to see the light of truth.

Blind voters

I weep for people who blindly vote for arrogant politicians who are just there to appease you with little token compared to what they will amass at the end of their failed services. May God open your eyes.
All I wish for, is a country where the safety of people is our priority. A country where the needs of the people are cared for. A country where justice prevails over evil. A country where peace and unity are our goals. A country where power is looked upon as a means to serve the people. O! what a disllusioned people we have become and no plan to think of greatness.
God of mercy our hope is all in you. May your love be upon us oh Lord! as we place our trust in you. Amen.
By: Ekeshiri Jude Emeka CSSp.

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