Party Delegate:Assassination of democracy in Nigeria

By Jovi Samuel

It is no more a news,that in Nigeria where naira is use for trade and exchange, that politicians has, make it currency look even more less value.

In fact naira is no more a major legal entity for exchange, as dollar, is now replacing Nigeria currency, because politicians have adopted dollar as the main means of both local and foreign exchange.

Is this not what we saw in last primary election? especially between the two heavyweight political parties,PDP and APC,who were throwing dollars at delegate to vote against their conscience.

The Stomach For Dollars

Delegate who where sent by the entire masses to pick a good choice of candidate who could make life bearable for them,instead went to the field,but could only remember the uncompleted building,that need money.

Delegates were even lodge in five Star hotels for two weeks, where they are been fed and giving all kind of comfort and pleasure the wanted, even more.

This people quickly forget the suffering Masses, they forget the killings going on in the south east, the great killings in Maiduguri, the regular kidnapping, that is now norm and culture in our country.

How did we quickly forget the killing of innocent youths at leki tollgate, or even the recent one at the Catholic church in Ondo state,just because of dollars what a shame,I weep for my dear country and citizens.

Because in the agony of Nigeria citizens, delegate refuse to see their pains and suffering, even on the crown of thorns, yet the chose dollar instead of the key to total liberation.

Dark Democracy

Democracy,according to advance scholars,is a system of government that give power to the majority of the masses,however this is not in operation in Nigeria as what we have is system that give power to the few,with political power.

The way the primary election was done,reflect and negative impact of democracy in Nigeria, though the mode of operation of it calls for a world review.

They Master plan every bit of it to make it look like,it was the people choice of result. Because it is a system of the more you look the less you see.

Those who were stepping down for the devils themselves, were wolf in sheep clothing, the ignorant citizens may have heard their angelic manifestos,but they will be weeping by now as they now know that they were on the wrong boat ever since.

The law makers who sign the electoral,mastermind all these, to make sure it was a win win game for them and their godfathers who vow never to let this nation free.


The Nigeria citizens should either weep now for the doom that is coming, or be the pathfinder of their freedom and glory, let them know that they have no representative, it is only their stomach and family they are representing.


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