Review Of The Pilgrilm Forest of The Golden Village and Spirit Dancers

Novel Review by Stephen Ovikwuomaroyigbe
is about a particular village in a central part of an African country, where people and animals lives together and they all associates in unity and understanding so there’s a particular man in the village called Digbe   in chapter two, where he got married to a particular lady of the same village with him but he has no child for several years.
 He however own some particular monkey’s that assist him in doing most of his work, whenever he going to the market and farms.
So people began to notice, how he is relating with the animals around, which is the monkey and the News spread so far that people started bringing animals into the village and the animal started helping them going out, helping them do their chores and supply their product to other customers.
sometimes when he go to the market square on  the day of market ,especially on the big market day, some of the animals will carry the bamboo and the others will carry what is available and go to the village to help them bring back their load and the rest and when it is dark.
Then in the evening they will return back to the forest and take their rest, so that is how the village people and the monkeys has been working for sometime.
The time in the daytime monkey will come to assist them do one or two while in the night monkey return back to the forest to rest until one day the monkey start to become greedy ,
The Monkey actually want to rule over the human but the people of the village are strong and United so they fought against the conspiracy of the animals at the end they overcame.

My take on the book The Pilgrim Forest Of The Golden Village And Spirit Dancers

Is one of the most interesting novel I have ever read for a very long time each passage is captivating and interesting to want to read more it has a big moral lesson for both human and animals in general, it is a book one should not afford to lose not to read

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