Udu POS operators Cry out against Jite and Magamu

The POS operators have expressed their displeasure in the ongoing notice of five thousand naira payment impose by the Udu local government council,

According to the operators, who addressed journalists at Udu road, said notification was sent to them by the local government for POS and other business ventures like DSTV, GOtv and other networks operator.

The copy of the notice

That Udu local government have given them seven days of automatum for the payment of five thousand to the local government without any proper reason, stating that it is for approval

For operation in Udu local, address journalists, the people want to know is this tax met for as they also pay POS tax to the federal government of Nigeria

One of the Mr names withheld challenged the Udu council as this is exploitation and day robbery of struggling citizens who created jobs for themselves

The operators send their messages to the state governor Dr Ifayin Okowa to wade into this matter by calling the Udu local government chairman Jite Brown

And his committee chairman chief Muwhen Magamu allows business operations to go smoothly in the local government as this is another way of trying to kill private businesses like this.

The operators lament how some of them do this business with loaned money which they are paying, others said they are in business because there is no job

So instead of stealing they have to go into this business to make a living and also supports their family, but it is very painful to see how Udu local government is not being fair to them in this matter

Instead, they want them to pay such a huge amount forgetting that many of the Operators are struggling to survive with this business which is also risky

The operators plead with the local government chairman to forget about this tax and find a way to create an enabling environment for business to strive.

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