Livingstone play host, to Udu youths

Hon. Edirin Livingstone yesterday hosted the entire youths of Udu at orhuwhorun primary school says the youths has the key to unlock the door of Udu local government

Time to come out youths

Now that the general election campaigns year is growing, with so many expectations, the young and humble leader who is fully ready to lead the people of Udu at the House of Assembly delta state in 2023

Have decided to host the entire youths of Udu at the Orhuwhorun primary, first to know what their pain is and to share in it, secondly to ascertain from them the best way forward for the local government

Speaking to the teemed youths of Udu, the humble leader said he is pained to the heart to see the growing numbers of unemployed youths without a current or future solution

Adding that the current leaders have made graduates laughing stuffed in the entire country as there is no provision nor preparation to provide jobs

He said he is not going to the state House of Assembly Delta state to be a spectator like others who have represented the constituency in the past and now

That his goal from childhood is to see that humanity live a good and comfortable life, as planned by God, so he wants to use this opportunity to correct the ills affecting youths and entire citizens of Udu

For the record, purpose this is the first time in Udu that an aspirant for the House of Assembly hosting the youths from various communities and background

He said even for many youths to eats is a struggle as some depend on the para package that is begging to earn a living, according to the leader this is against a civilised law of a civilised society

He is ready send him

That crime will always be on the increase when the majority of youths are jobless and have no hope as to how or what they will eat the following morning

He however urges the youths to get themselves registered in the ongoing voter’s registration exercise as this will change the future of youths come 2023 he admonished

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