Udu youths Pledge full support To Livingstone

By Jovi Samuel

As the 2023 general election preparation is gradually drawing to its peak, UDU youths are running round the clock for a better leader that can lead the local government at the state House of Assembly

Hon Edirin Livingstone

The youths who gathered at the Orhuwhorun primary school expressed their disappointment in the lack of development of the constituency as a result of a poor representative at the state House

Noting that many of the youths are jobless as the only job the leaders could provide is Agbero, as a result, many graduates have resolved to ride Keke and Okada

One of the outstanding youth during the End-Sars protest who was there will all his colleagues in Udu said, that the only way for the local governments, to move forward

Young people must support Hon Edirin Livingstone as all the proposals given to the current leader representing UDU at the House of Assembly fell into deaf- ear

That all the promises made to them till now have not been read nor debated at the state law making House, but he however believe that livinstone is a better choice for Udu

Other representative from various communities in the local government also point out the current state of the DSC company which is in total ruined

Adding that if that company is in full operation, a large number of of the youths who have skills and graduate will be gainfully employed

Livingstone remind the youths of time

Noting that  many of the youths who are jobless are either joining cult groups or one criminal gang or the other, that have resulted in increasing crimes among idle youths

The myriad of the youths who grace the gathering said UDU should rally around HonLivingstonee come 2023 because he is going to represent the people interest at the House they submitted

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