Look at the Black fuel sold at a filling station

By Jovi Samuel

The news of the fuel scarcity announced by the Federal government towards the end of last year in December has revealed what Nigeria PMS marketers can do to make extra gains

Look at the fuel sold to customers

In this second week of February,there was a slight scarcity of PMS especially in Lagos and Abuja, filling stations were already hoarding the product

Cars were already on Que for hours, as they will stop selling every three hours, so private and commercial vehicles had to wait until they resume sale,

This is bad

As if this was not enough, the price alone will make you weep for the country, that five letters were sold for 1500 naira and Black Market was selling it for 2000 naira

The price alone was not inflated, but a filling station had to mix their fuel with what I don’t know and the colour change to agbo colour when it was put in a water can

You can imagine that, and people already bought it into their car or tricycle, you see how much damage that will cost the car owner

Besides this is what the person paid his or her hard earn money. And now if the car stop on the way, and probably just coming from the mechanic workshop

The Blame may easily go to the mechanic, but this is what I won’t agree with because in truth many of the faults in cars or even generators are a result of bad fuel

Sold in Nigeria

The government need to do put a law to correct and persecute these filling station owners and management.

Some times ago in Udu road, the manager of a filling station pumps water into the storage tanks for the fuel and was selling it to customers until he was caught


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