Buhari didn’t go to school,I don’t need school:little girl

By Jovi Samuel

Education no doubt is the bedrock of any human race, but some groups of people have failed to understand the wisdom behind this adage

The little girl says she doesn’t need school

The video of a little girl of about 6-7 years is trending on social media Facebook, the video was recorded by a guy, who found the child in a provision store selling

He was curious as to know, why the little girl is at home selling at that hour of the day. so he took his phone to record,

He ask the child, little girl, why did you not go to school? The little girl confidently answer him, that she doesn’t need to go to school, she even sites example, that Hausa people don’t go to school

He then ask her again that who told her? she answered nobody, then the guy told her that he has friends who are Hausa that are going to school

The little girl gave him even another example that hausa don’t go to school, that even Buhari the president didn’t go to school, that her own is to keep on selling for the mother

And after which then get married, the little girl seems to be around warri Sapele axis, because she can speak pidgin very well

Mr micoyo stress on the little girl

Now my own is that if this is how some group people are going to raise the current generation modern life then we have a long way to go.

We are saying Africa should increase the capacity of education in the continent, by creating a secure and affordable educational system that can match the developed continent

Here we are in this gent age of the computer, parents are giving their children wrong orientation of societal value

The only painful thing here is that suppose the mother who asks the little girl to just sell provisions until she got married was around when the interview was going on it would be good

Little girl justify her reasons

Because she would ask to give answers as to who brain watch that little girl into that primitive orientation about life

However, let our northern brethren do something about this mentality so that we can have a growing society with growing people

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