Giant snake attack tourists

By Jovi Samuel

It seems the Snake season won’t end just yet, as they prove that they are no friend to humanity

The snake climbing the geep

The video of two tourists, who were attacked. by a giant snake has surfaced on social Instagram

The snake fell the first time

The tourist was said to be driving on a white range rover when suddenly a giant big snake appear in front of the geep trying to climb it over to them

Usually, when a snake sees a moving vehicle, it scampers for safety, however, this was not the case of this python, instead went to engage them by climbing the Jeep

When one of them saw that the snake wasn’t joking at this time, he ran out of the car into the low grass.

That was not enough the guy driving the geep tries to reverse back, and the Snake slipped from the geep bornet and fell down

The snake chasing the range rover

Meanwhile, the guy who ran out didn’t close the door, so the snake saw it and started moving towards the door that is open to enter

Then, the guy on the started to move the geep backwards with speed until the Snake couldn’t catch up before it went into the Bush

Snake climbing

This will must take seriously because that animal is an old enemy of man so don’t make that mistake of thinking otherwise when it comes to snakes.

Always attack first and be vigilant against it because is very dangerous.

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