Gaddafi death a mistake by Africans

By Jovi Samuel

After the death of Late President Muammar Gaddafi of Libya, there was an eye-opener to Africans who thought that he was a bad leader

However, after his death, the revelations came out otherwise of the man true intention, and from the revelations, it is obvious he was acting based on love for his country and continent

Gaddafi of Libya

In truth, Gaddafi was obsessed with love and care for his people, hence he was trying to prove it by way of strong hand leadership because, in truth, Africans are difficult to rule

Below are some of the reasons why Gaddafi was wrongly killed by the powerful nations

How Gaddafi Libya started from zero to here

In the year 1951, Libya was the world’s poorest country. Gaddafi made it Africa’s most developed country with $150 billion foreign reserves & zero debt.

Under Muammar Gaddafi, Libya had one of the world’s strongest currencies, in truth, this was the reality of Libya because even in the year 1970 when Nigeria civil war ended

Nigeria was far richer and more developed than Libya, even during the war no Nigeria citizens took refuge in Libya, because, it was a no go option

Libya was the poorest member of the African Union, Nigeria was paying dues and seating allowance for Libya and other African countries

However, all that changed when Gaddafi began to plan for the future of Libyans who had no understanding of what he wanted for his people was a good life

Gaddafi Social Welfare and basic amenities to Libyans

Free health:During Gaddafi as a leader, he makes sure there is free health care for his citizens with the best quality treatment and best hospitals with well-qualified doctors

Free electricity:when I heard of this one I weep for Libyans and Africans, not even the great America can do it, because I can remember when one of the American president

A campaign that there will be tax-free if he wins the election, you know what he said, when he entered he said he can’t run a country without a tax, so they should pay

But Gaddafi could make sure his people use free electricity so that they can have a good life

Free Housing:According to a report from Libya that Gaddafi said owning a house is a human right in Libya, imagine that a leader put his people first over everything

How many African countries leaders have such ideology, even in Europe and US, nothing of such, and this why Libyans were not travelling out

Yes because everyone loves free things, and the advanced nations were not happy about this so the plot to remove him

Free Education:Education is the bedrock of every nation, so Gaddafi make education free all over the country for all Libyans including the ones studying abroad

Can you beat that, I told us that it could be a mistake by Africans to allow him to die because even in Nigeria education don’t have value,

The leaders of Nigeria don’t even give you employment based on educational qualifications, it is considered an offence if you go to an interview with all your credentials,

Because the boss may not have such qualifications then you just lose that job, so go  with low qualifications

Free Water:Gaddafi make sure there is free water for all Libyans all over the country.

The unique distribution of empowerment to all citizens

Interest-Free Loans:Gaddafi established a financial-economic scheme that grants free loans to citizens so you don’t pay interest on loans

Newlyweds:as a newlywed’s couples, Gaddafi approve free cash of 50000 dollars for them to start life, look if Nigeria can have such a leader right now

And died by any means, the wake him or her from the grave do you what is the value of that right now

Nursing Mother:if a mother should give birth at any hospital she receives a cash gift of 5000 dollars,

In some countries, their women just get pregnant every month to collect that money

Percentage of Oil sales:Gaddafi make sure citizens received percentage for oil sales in the country,

He also makes the sure government pay 50% for the costs of fuel so that can afford it easily, and even government pay 50% of the amount of your car as you bought It

Increase Currency valuation


Tons of gold exploration by Gaddafi in Libya

Gaddafi make sure Libyan Dinar equalled $0.82781 in 2011. he was able to do this because he had a stable and fast-growing economy all over the world

Many Nigerians and other African country citizens were going to Libya for a better life

Gaddafi wanted to give all African countries the Dinar to strengthen their economies. He also had more than 140 Tonnes of Gold and similar amounts in silver which he wanted to distribute across Africa to be used in trading.



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  • February 7, 2022 at 10:54 am

    He was a good leader n love for his people n country made him to work hard for their progress today


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