The Road Taxforce is a negative impact to the citizens

the elections force roundabout  I serious Jovi Samuel

We all have kept quiet about the establishment of the road task force and traffic personnel created by the government without a proper legal process

Task Force and driver in a deadly fight in front of the car

The worst is that from every investigation, they are errands, boys, to politicians, they empower them with this illegal blocking of roads and pounding of cars

We have House of Assembly in our states including senators at the federal house and is a pity for a country like ours at this time in which life has advanced yet we see all this.

Political Agenda

When you see things like this in a country with so much expectation, it shows that there is a political motive for all these bending of law, which met to cover their wrong road to office

When you find out well these boys are the jobless uneducated fellows who help politicians to rig elections, they can’t read or write properly

They don’t even understand what is the meaning of being civil so carrying out such civil is like putting a farmer to operate a sick patient

And all this is as a result of the government who refuse to put these vulnerable youths in their plans, so after assuming office, this is what they think they can give them to keep them busy until they leave office

Udu taskforce

The Udu task force set up by the local government chairman is a total share of shame without correspondents,

For instance, at Ubogo market a task force beat a pregnant woman to comma all in the name of wrong parking when everyone knows how that is in that market

Traffic police and taskforce stopping vehicles randomly

Even the local government chairman pass that market, can he tell us where he can find a space to park anywhere in that market? let be realistic

When you come across these boys doing this illegal job, you will discover that they don’t even have any good home upbringing,

They can insult your entire generation and even go as far as fighting car owners and road users who just come to the state from another state or those who just came to the country

And if we the local government stakeholders and leaders just seat down without stopping this menace, we might bring back the riots of the Aba women in the 19s and 80s,

Because Udu is too civilised for such craps, how can you ask people not to park when you don’t provide parking space anywhere?do we call that improved governing council or what?

The tax force in Eferun and police abuse of journalist

The Eferun task force is another set of illegal behaviour who go around removing car plates numbers and using police to beat and arrest innocent citizens, this must stop

Like the case of what happened in the DSC roundabout area last year, 2021 Dec is illegal because no law permits police to arrest anybody who Parked wrong

Traffic task force trying to arrest motorcycle

They didn’t even stop at that, when men of the press from DBS went to interview them at their office, they seize and destroy their camera

This itself is a clear picture that is a wrong decision by the government, for setting up these agencies who don’t even know the law of civil obligations

illegal and criminals not backed up by law

Like when I was enumerating at the beginning these guys are illegal, they don’t have legal back up, it is not in our Constitution

And then there is something I will reveal to us here, these boys have criminals among them, I can remember then I went to Anambra state with my friend,

They stop us that we drove wrong and that our offence is 70 thousand, so we must go with them to their office, so we said let go.

Later they said we should settle them with 30k, as we discuss  with them after taking five thousand, one of them who entered the car was busy trying to open The serious inside the car to still money

The serious fight between the driver

The worst in Delta is that the police are now working with them to steal from the masses, so in my opinion, they should be removed from the road.

3 thoughts on “The Road Taxforce is a negative impact to the citizens

  • February 1, 2022 at 3:59 pm

    This is what you get when unexposed persons occupy leadership positions

    • February 1, 2022 at 9:11 pm

      Yes, and our people prefer to dance with them


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