Aligator lizard found inside toilet


By Jovi Samuel

After Snake, bit and killed a young girl at the airport restroom in Abuja, many people began to stay alert when going to use the toilet or any restroom

The alligator lizard trying to step out from the toilet

However today, the video of an alligator lizard or monitor lizard as popularly called has surfaced on social media on Instagram

A popular Instagram page uploaded the video, shows an alligator coming out from inside the WC seater mounted on the ground

You see how it looks scary when viewed closely

At first, I thought it was another snake or probably one of the old snake videos, however to my surprise as I watch, I saw this scary creature with four legs

Looking at the video I didn’t know when I shouted Jesus, it came out in full the worst is it went back into the toilet pipe,

The reptile trying to come out from the toilet

Who will see such an animal in his or her toilet that will sleep in that house again, those who rent that apartment or who build it has just been given quick notice by that creature

We must be very observance, at home always especially or bathrooms, the doors and back windows should be fixed properly

Check the toilet always before using because these reptiles are now finding their way to our homes especially bathrooms areas,

This is when it was coming out in the first place

We should know we have children make sure protect them and sensitise them because they may not know these animals yet so is our duty to inform them to protect them


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