Good news and bad news for Americans


By Jovi Samuel

President Joe Biden, the president of the United State has signed into law the bill against sexual assault by men in uniform

The president of the United State of America

The president disclosed this on his official Twitter handle yesterday when he decide with the house

The reports say

This afternoon, I’m signing an Executive Order to make sexual harassment an offense in the Uniform Code of Military Justice, and to strengthen the military’s response to domestic violence and the wrongful broadcast or distribution of intimate visual images.
According to the President, this was necessary at this time to strengthen the military response to domestic violence

That this will help also to remove wrongful distribution of sexual images, Americans should be happy with this executive order from the Biden administration

This will also give better dignity to the uniform men of America who has been waiting for this for long

However, it may not go down well with the bad eggs who have been intimidating citizens of America in the past

The president was very sure about this and quickly moved into action this year to clear off this error in the uniform organization this year


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