Why UDU Deserve Hon Livingston

By Jovi Samuel

Every good leader is born with an identity that distinguishes him or her from other leaders

Udu deserve him

This is the case of Hon Edirin Livingston whose identical and unique character is the epitome of a good leader Udu citizens deserved for a great transformation

We are going to discuss some of them below

Personality Life Of Hon Edirin Livingstone

Hon Edirin Livingstone is a citizen of Nigeria From Delta state in Udu local government, he is from two mega communities from Udu both parents, Aladja and Orhuwhorun

He also came from Oleri and other communities in Udu, he started his primary school here in Udu when his parents were living in the Ovwian community

He also attended Ovwian Secondary School from there he went to the University for his bachelor degree

He started work in an oil servicing company in port-Harcourt after his youth service, he eventually became the manager within one year of service

After spending a few years in the company he traveled to Canada where he did more studies and was also working over there he returned when he had a call a transformation leadership to serve his country


He had an oil servicing company in Port-Harcourt right now, he also has two buildings in the Orhuwhorun community where he currently resides

He also has cars worth over 20 million and landed properties in Orhuwhorun, DSC town, and other places worth a hundred million

Work Accredited To Him So Far

He provided a new security vehicle for the Orhuwhorun community vigilantes, He did this even when he has not been given any post in government

We all know the current house assembly member is from that community, yet Livingstone had the pain of his community at heart that was even before he had the intention of contesting for the house of Assembly

He played a major in the leadership crisis of the Orhuwhurun community before the current leaders were elected to office last year

Late last year he was the chief mediator for peace and tranquility when the community was experiencing some sort of crisis that resulted in the killing of innocent citizens

These more of his generous act of giving both to widows and youth and orphans

Young and Accommodating with Vision

He is young and vibrant always open to all opinions with a good listening ear to everyone around

For Udu to move forward we need young leaders with such quality, in the past, the old people have been misleading us in this Udu, our steel company is there yet our youth can’t find a job

Because the company has stopped working for more than a decade now yet we have old people representing us wrongly, we must see beyond age look what quality of leadership Edirin Livingstone is bringing to Udu

The Humble Messenger

Humility is the first quality every good leader need to rule and served his people and Hon Livingstone have this in abundance, he can even get down from his can to greet the elderly

When you are with him he won’t eat until you are satisfied, he prefers you go up there at every moment, in fact serving others give him joy

Looking into the future

And he doesn’t pretend about it he does it wholeheartedly his level of humility is second to none among so many youths

What we have in Udu as leaders right now are those who want power by all means and if they don’t get then heaven must fall

Udu does not want such leaders we deserve the best of a leader like Hon Livingstone.

Why UDU Deserve Hon Livingston

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