Hon Livingston Reasure SDP Faithfuls of 2023

By Jovi Samuel

Honorable Edirin Livingston today make a reassurance to all SDP faithful nationwide of 2023 polls

The SDP aspirant for Delta State House of Assembly UDU constituency, make this know in a press conference with journalists

Speaking to men of the press the humble leader said come 2023 SDP will come out victorious as Nigerians and the people of Udu are fed up with the current leadership structure

Noting that all hands should be placed on desks to make us free from this bondage of the current system of government

That though he is young, however, age is not a yardstick for quality leadership as that is lacking in the current crops of leaders leading this nation

He also urges young people to come out for other positions like the President and Senate

As he would love to see more young people taking over leadership in the nation come 2023

He also urged voters to support young people come 2023 as the age men and women have failed us in the past

As the future of any nation is anchored on the young ones as the young ones should not be deceived by allowing themselves to use against the young people who have a good heart for the nation

He also admonished citizens to register for the ongoing registration voters exercise, as that is the only key to open the doorway for good and transparent government


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