Take Note these could be responsible for child maltreatment

Today we have had so many incidents of child abuse or maltreatment, of which the true cause may not be verified

However, we are going to look at these few ones below to help us ascertain in the future, what could be responsible forĀ  this menace

Personal Hatred

Often time, people tend to develop some sort of hatred for children under their care it can be as a result of the child stubbornness, maybe talent, or gift

Many times the child can be someone else own, though they too may also have their own, children, however, the hatred usually comes from jealousy when he or her children are not doing well

This hatred can also come from nothing but the child eating habits may be irritating or even eating too much and he or she is couldn’t cf contains it and what is the result of personal hatred

Transfer Of Aggression Or Anger

Many times people transfer their anger against parents on the children under their care

This is what we see every day in our society, this is probably the parents who offended them in the has died and the only way to pay back is to maltreat the child under him or her

This kind of thing is usually common among women of Africa who have a mate in their marriage, that is the husband had other wives and in retaliation, the child of this second woman will be the victim

What we are saying here is people running Peter to Paul for his debts, so this transfer of anger must be put into consideration by all stakeholders when dealing with child abuse cases

Background And Upbringing Of Individual

My mother will always say “that the different home and background design by God is very good and unique ” although I couldn’t understand at first until time began to give me a clear revelation about it

Some people grew up with full hatred in their life some even had it in their DNA so there is no atom of love in them

With this kind of character in them, you giving your child to them to keep is very dangerous because that child will experience all manner of child abuse

They will inflict all forms of pain on that child you can’t blame the one doing this it is a matter of background and upbringing, in which he or she never experienced love for once

Lack Of Understanding Of Child Behavior

Children are very difficult to deal with, it is not a question of being a parent of how many? but the question of how much do you understand about children attitudes

Friends what you must know here is that the study of children can take a full lifetime. so for those who maltreat children if you check very well, they lack the understanding of children behavior

This has nothing to do with discipline, I know some will ask how then do we go about discipline? you don’t mix them both, you have a way of discipline, we are going to discuss that in other articles

But we know that children always behave like a child so it takes on an adult with a Childlike heart to understand them.

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