Avoid These Things And Avoid Rape

The society we leave today is full of mystery, however, it is better to prevent than to cure.

Rape has recently ravaged our society it has ripped it off morale dignity, the worst is that no amount of law can provide total solutions to it

Lady with a good heart

But let see how we as individuals can reduce it by our way of life, below are some tips

Teenage Girls Reckless Dressing

The way our teenage girls of 10 to 16 years dress both at home and school is very alarming

They not only dress half-naked, but some even work seductively in from of male teachers and even area boys

At home some of them put on very short clothes and seat with legs wide open in parlors, parents must teach their young girls how to seat both in public and at home

Some of them sleep with all their bodies open both at night and day, so when a drunk fellow maybe a friend who visited that home who can’t control his legs the  story becomes ugly

Even in schools, these teenagers do the worst things that are capable of inviting rape, the male school teachers are going through hell at the hands of these teenagers.

Avoid Secret Meeting With a New Guy

The rate at which girls quickly jump to meet a new guy at any hidden area is very bad, because we complain of rape yet these girls won’t stop the secret meeting with any new guy

You as a lady are not ready for anything but find a way to meet this guy in an uncompleted and you think it will only end in discussions don’t blame anyone if you get to rape

Because that guy may not mean it, what you need to understand here is that the body morphology of a man can change when he sees himself alone with a female

The worst is the one under drug influence the drugs usually direct their actions in that case you will have yourself to blame because your explanation will be too late when things go wrong

The best is to meet him in a public place and make sure you don’t want time into the night.

Avoid Sleeping Recklessly at Boys As Apartment

Many ladies in schools do this, they just come from lecture hall tired straight to the guy’s hostels I am not talking about school hostels, outside that is off-campus

Many times when they get there it is only his roommate who is there he can even go out so that she can have her rest

However, in the process, he forgot something and just went back to  collect it, as soon as he got there behold everything is open maybe just underwear

The Spirit can enter him and the only thing that of pleasure since the flesh, is weak he may not be able to resist what is before him at that time, he taught what is stopping is himself and the door

He closed the door and then the rest become regrets forever. the guy will blame himself and regret his actions likewise the girl or female

Undressing Infront Of The Male Or Guys

Don’t do it is very wrong not in front of your father or brothers it is very dangerous because you calling for something you can’t handle for your entire life

Some even say is my twin brother parents please watch out for this ton don’t tell a goat to be the stewards of the yam brands

You lady undressing in front of a male is just passing the wrong signal. I have seen fathers sleep with their daughters

This is not a matter of the person possessing it is natural that in the body morphology of male and female, the brain reacts to what the eyes see

The story of fathers sleeping with their children is a long term process the father has been seen the development from age 10 to 15 the man is reflecting on some of the sensitive parts of his daughter when his mind is idle,

To avoid this to avoid rape

Some Women Are Too Open To Strangers

Last but not least we want our women to be more vigilant at home at all times, you as a housewife when your husband travels, and one of his friends comes looking for the husband

Just tell from inside the house my husband is not at home if he asks when he coming tell you to  don’t because these are dead traps

Because some women will carelessly open the door and even offer him drinks and when he is high who will be the victim of the lion?

You have to answer it before you go ahead to make your decision

After all, I only make my points in this article but hope we take something that can help to control rape cases in our society.

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