Oyinbo Lady Doing Bus Conductor In Ghana

By Jovi Samuel

Video of a white lady doing bus conducting has surfaced on social media.

The White lady was captured at a bus stop in Acra shouting the destination of the bus to passengers

White lady putting on polo

She was wearing jeans with an eyeglass, she was doing the job while everyone look at her in amusement

However, what baffles social media users, is her level of confidence doing the job she wasn’t even feeling ashamed she was focused on finding passengers to fill her bus

Some social media users attributed it to the economic system. but let not forget that many of our black ladies who traveled to white countries are instead giving their bodies to men

Even here in Africa how many girls are ready to work, I mean a genuine work and responsibility to the society, instead they prefer to dress and go to the club at the night

Now she is doing a man’s job and some are snapping and recording so we are surprised and amazed that a white lady is doing conductor in Africa so is a new thing

This shows our level of understanding of life, with this it is very clear that we thinking in the wrong direction, so is a white lady? she is not human

Photo screenshots from Instagram

So we  see them from ourselves, we must realize that they too are both flesh and blood running in them because this is what the White people are taking advantage of

So we must have a good mental understanding of life.


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