Possible Reasons Why People don’t Really Give In Church

By Jovi Samuel

Giving in the church today has taken a dimension, that we find it difficult to understand the motives behind some people giving.

Fruitful Harvesting

On the other hand, many individuals have resolved not to give at all no matter what you say.

Though some do not mind but still give to their best ability, yet it is obvious that there is still a poor giving culture in many churches in Africa.

This is evident by the kind of messages preachers dish out to members and some also argue that poverty is also responsible, however, let see as we analyzed some reasons for below.

Men Prefer Men praises Than The Spiritual Purpose

I have realized that many individuals who give in the church do it to receive glory from men. So they want you to announce their name and presence  in the congregation

So this is what happens to the man or woman who is not giving even if they have. am not talking about those who don’t have yet

Some people truly don’t have those are not the ones I am talking about. some people pray to God for them to be rich, then after God answer them that, s the end

They adopted a different understanding and that  it is no longer relevant to give in the church where they display all manner of pretense generosity

They quickly forget how they promise God to support his work financially if they become rich. The man or woman will forget and prefer to spray money in ceremony and take titles and be hailed by musicians and orators

The Spirit Of Self Glorification

Many individuals prefer self-accolades by undermining other opinions and stand. So whatever that won’t give them any recognition they quickly push it aside

In fighting for their self-glorification they won’t see anything wrong with their actions so immediately there is a call to give in the church that day

They must come up with any logic to make others not give except you make them the chairman. they quickly blow the trumpet of anything they do

The Husband Or Wife Syndrome

The reason why some families don’t give is because of their better half. either the man or woman always stands the way of giving to God

They don’t always have any good reason for being an obstacle to giving to God. and this one is common among women.it is not blamed pushing to the women folks but just to buttress the points

Some men don’t also give to God work,  I have seen men drive their wives out because they give a seed offering in church telling the wife that they are the ones being used by the preacher and not them the men

The Ideology Of The Message From The Alter

One secret many preachers fail to understand is that giving is not sustained by motivational words. it is the ideology of your message from the alter

Preachers must learn how to lead by example their messages should be free from intimidating the poor and make them look as if they too are not saved by Christ

Preach a message that is  love-oriented and free from accusing and a miracle program should not be used to raise funds this itself gives the wrong ideology to the congregation

A good harvest

I think with these points we can now see some  of the reasons responsible for the lack of giving in churches





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