The Reasons Why You Are Still Single As Lady

By Jovi Samuel

These days it has become a real challenge for ladies, to see a genuine guy, who truly wants to settle down with them.

A good looking lady

And guys these days love to wink at any latest girls around, it has even gotten worse, that it is now like Fishermen, so they count how many times they catch every week.

Nevertheless, we are going to look at some, common errors that are increasing the number of single ladies, in our towns and villages.

Wrong Decision At Your Prime Age.

You may want to know, what I mean by a wrong decision, just be patient with me. many ladies, in their 19 to 25 years hard good offer of good husband material.

However, they prefer to flirt around and play hard to get at 20 the feel they are on top of the world some can even tell the guy they are not ready, so the guy will just leave.

Others decided to use their husbands as outings and dating formation, anytime talk about a serious relationship, she will pick offense, and tell him, she has a lot of dreams and that she is still focusing on her school or career.

The worst is that they don’t check the clock when making all these decisions, some even turn down potential suitors who could help them with all their numerous dreams and visions.

Until activities began to be at the injury time, then she joins the league of(SSS) and so the numbers continue to increase.

Bad Influence

Just as bad gangs and influence is a negation, to a guy build-up, so also with ladies.

Many ladies never listen to good advice as a result of those she is surrounded with, all they know how to do is to go around from one nightclub to another.

Some of them have the Callender for all the ceremonies in town, they will use their last penny to buy the latest dress, but can’t seat down to plan on how to start up a business.

So ladies, who find themselves in such company are doomed already with time they will also join the league.

Religions Zealousness Without Humanity

Some people are now trying to be more Catholic than the Pope and is not the best way to leave a Christian life established by Christ.

A good set

Some ladies taught by being over religious will get them Bill Gate or markszurgerberg may even obi Cubana. they don’t know the logic so they forget the time

Instead of praying for Grace for a good character, they either hip up phrases for self-righteousness.

She is always right others are wrong until she will see everyone around the cause of her current situation, and finally take it as a cross.

The Greedy Princess

Oh sorry, my Princesses, I m trying to drive home a point, yes these greedy ones are looking for a rich guy with a good car so she keeps turning down the street hustle.

She only goes for the ones with flashy appearance, but many at times disappoint her after getting close.

And it continues until she is tired and time again runs out, she will then join the league.



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