The Reasons Why You Should Stop Regreting Your Past Mistakes

By Jovi Samuel

So many people, have given up on their dreams and visions,as a results of life circumstances, and background.

Stop looking back, move forward

Especially those whose family origin, have betray them at every area of their life, and this also have contributed to the factors responsible for the kind of peer group the associate with.

Below are some reasons why,you must continue with your dream and visions revival.

People Are like Any Latest Car.

You see that everyone,like or love new thing or product,especially new cars,immediately they hit the market, the lover of car will do anything to make sure he buy that car at all cost.

And at times some even take loans, and even in debts, they still cruise around the Streets,but the admiral,may feel been left behind,but won’t take more than half a decade that latest car have turn an old car.

This is how the human circle also revolves. Back in my high school days,some of us the students, were jealous of two set of individuals.

They are the well dress students and neat students, that sometimes their parents drive with cars to drop at school. The other one is the well dress and smart teachers, especially the English teachers.

But soon next after you too finish school, you discovered that, you are now the latest graduate,life have change,is now your turn to package your dressing appearance.and they will become old school teachers.

The Young School Love Syndrome

There is the song that says,; “Schools life is the best”. Indeed it is truly the best, I because these days, we have what is know as old schools association.

In the primary school,we had a lot of fund in our time,I don’t know about you.however the secondary school, gave us some level of maturity.

One of the stories,that I held from other schools,i don’t know if it is a rumour,is the love syndrome story, but then I could not interpret it.

However right about now,I have seen that, all that was a miss priority, because it was never a true love,especially at such young age.they should have place such love in their study.

This is very true, because after so many years after I left the high school, I discover that, those our female class mate majority of them ,have gotten marriage.

But what shock me,is that other young beautiful ladies going to high schools, are now everywhere,and these one are now the latest.

So you can see that after all you are not left behind, so stop regretting, about your current stage,all you need is focus and patient. Your turn will always be the latest in town.

I Am The Only One Left, Life Have Been Unfair To Me

Dont think you are the one who,is left and even if you are the only one left, it mean you are the latest queen or king. I m saying this because, I have come across some of my high school,many are doing well.

However on the other hand, it has not been easy for others. So don’t think, everyone,have left you behind.

Don’t look back, start your own story

Though you have make some mistake in your decisions,but is not a yards stick, or probably regretting the mistake your parents made.

All there happened for a reason, so that you can reach your can still dream big and,plan big,if you continue with the same past.happy new year to you am.

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