Things You Should Avoid When Depress And Distress

By Jovi Samuel

Depression and distress are very dangerous, to the human mind,and if not well control, it can lead to suicide or addition.

The following are the things, everyone must avoid when depress or distress.


Many individuals, have become, perpetual drunkard as a results of picking alcohol as the best, formula to reduce depression,and many even quote Bible passage to back this.

Avoid drugs, is a real killer

But many at times they find out that, they just deceive themselves,because after drinking and getting drunk, when the alcohol toxic expire,the whole problem start afresh again.

And if you continue in that habit, then you are on the way to being a drunken master, and that’s is very dangerous.

Avoid Smokers Of the Street

The beginning of anything bad habit, may not be too difficult start,and there one billion and to justify it.

So for you that is depress or distress, avoid the company of smokers, the beginning, may look like a child play,but in truth you just embarked on a journey of no return.

These guys in the Street,had similar challenge, like yours and they were lure into the system of smoking, but they taught,they will go out any time soon.

But it turn out to be that, even their blood have find solace in this bad habit, and so,it become impossible to leave.

The worst is that, whenever you make up your mind to leave it,the urge to smoke always increases.

I have seen people who told me they want to leave smoking, and actually they leave it but after one week,they return back to that how do you stop it.may be don’t start it.

Stop Taking Peels.

You can’t stop what will be by overdosing yourselve,with drugs.

Many drug addict, started this way.peels are very dangerous to your health, fine it may take your mind off the reality, but at the expiring of these drugs and peels., it become, one hour.they call it break in transmission.

And even every 30 minutes,and not only dangerous to your health, but draining you economically. So avoid this option when depress or distress.

Do Not Do Drugging

Many people are drug addict today as a results of depression and distress,they could not manage.

There are many drug addict today, because they think,by injecting themselves, they will be free,from that taught that is bordering them.

Drugging is a boat sinker,because the Bible will say those who run to other gods increase their woes.

So avoid it by all means, because you may not be lucky to pull it off your shoulder.

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