Some Reasons Why People Stay Awake

By Samuel Jovi.

Lack of sleep is a disease, that is very common with old people.

Stop too much thinking.

But it has gone beyond old age syndrome, as even young, people sometimes find it difficult to get a real quality sleep.

We are going to evaluate, some below on this site.

High Fever And Malaria Plus Plus

High fever is a very dangerous sickness, or disease, and if mix of both high fever and malaria, is your system, it is worse than any disease you can think of.

The worse is that,this disease are very common in Africa. The reason why, this two disease are so deadly, is that they attack your blood level.

And you know, the blood, plays a lot of,important role in the body,and is a source of energy, to the major organs of the body,like liver,kidney, heart,and even the brain.

So if this high fever and malaria  want to gain more ground, it attack these areas of essential,and so as they become trouble, they send down signal to the brain, who will be too busy,to relax the System and person, will lost sleep.

Too Much Thinking

This one is very dangerous, it can even lead to me people, think too much about their problems and the problems of the world.

As christ question, his followers, if their over worry and thinking, can add to cubic of life?.

And let even ask ourself,what are we even thinking, that can be solve by mere thinking, instead of moving into action.

So stop over stressing your brain especially the things that are not important,you are only going, to kill the brain cell for sleeping, are you can have metal disorder.

Heart Break.

There is an adage, that says,”a broken relationship, is better than a broken marriage.

Heart break, is a no doubt, very dangerous, so people, can become sleeplessness, for months, if they hear the word,it is over.

And some can even keep quiet, about it.and you discovered that for months, they don’t get a glimpse of sleep.

So find our from them very well,you will discovered that, Jane or John said, it is over.

It even happen to one of my course mate in school at our final year,she was a female students,her boyfriend broke up with her,and she could not sleep for one week.

She started taking drugs, and she was sick serious. Until I find out. So this can be dangerous to the brain.

Old Age.

At old age,the brain cell for sleeping is very they tend to stay awake, many at times.

They can sleep around 12 midnight, and wake 1am in the night, and that’s all for that day.

Note:sleeping peels are not the best to give to them,but a working brain.

Since the brain, now occupy lesser activities, there is the tendency, that the brain,will definitely,begins to depreciate, in terms of of steadiness of sleeping accuracy.

Clear skin

So your age father or mother, even the grannies, is finding it difficult, to sleep is not sickness, but old age syndrome.

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