The Reasons Why a Lake Can Become An Ocean

By Jovi Samuel

Staying close to the conner of a river,has really taught me a much lesson, that the world is truly 80%,water coverage.,but I will say is 100%.

The blue lake

The lake as we all know, is a water body,surrounded, by lands,or rocks.usually, lakes water are not ,that too large.

And the lake also flows like every other river, or even sea and I have seen,is even the source of water to even river or ocean.

What I mean is that the river or sea and oceans, you see with such massive water,got it sources of water supply from the lake.

And in term of deepness, the lake is deeper than the sea or oceans. You won’t agree with me on this, but I will prove it right away.

Nevertheless, if you are not satisfied, with what I will tell here, you can go ahead to find out.

But before then,I want us to know that one of the attribut of a lake,is that it is very difficult to known if it is flowing or not, and secondly,you won’t known the direction of it flows.

The lake surrounded by rocks and land.
Fruit garden

This is so because, a lake can be the sources of water supply to more than two rivers, and even seas waters.

Do you know where the lake get it source of water from?.I too didn’t know this until now. I taught from other rivers.but that’s not actually correct.

The lake is connected to various, layers of the earth Cross. Thats the ground. Remembered, this earth is seating ontop of water.

That’s a mystery only God can explain, because we were told from the story of creation, that whole world was only water.

So the lake is connected,to the water eulogy. This place is source of all water. The water eulogy, is reservoir of all waters.

There one day I went to see a Fisher man in my village, so after much discussion, about the fishing business, he told me about his experience, at a lake.

I knew the lake he was talking, but it has not occur to me any day to find about such natural, operations.

He said he went for fishing at this lake, and he set a hook there,a long,rope the following day,when he cam to check the hooks he discovered,that the whole of the long rope,has disappeared.

So he began to trace it,by entering, the spot, that look like a hole.with more water, he hang part of the rope on one tree,and dive down.

He was tracing, the rope downward, until he left the whole of the earth, to dry land under the lake, and he stop,and taught already return back to the shore of lake,

But he quickly, understand, that he is now underworld, so he cut the rope,and started, folding the rope backwards. When came out.

He was downfounded in disbelieve,for week,he couldn’t get it off his mind.

And with this what then should we call a lake?

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