Dangerious Grided Traffic At Mofor Express Udu

It was yesterday evening, I ran into this traffic jamb,at mofor motor pack express,

Gridded traffic block

You can’t believe,that from police post to the mofor express, took us close to two hours, this is not exaggeration,it was a total block out, you can’t go forward, you can’t go backward.

At a point,I had to move out from the tricycle, I boarded, I managed to get to the mofor express park,the whole place was jam up,as vehicles on the express line,already mount up back to Ekete inland.

And those coming from DSC roundabout,Otokutu and going to DSC or Orhuwhorun,are stocks in between, they can’t go back, as the Kew is already causing another hold up.

And vehicles trying to go straight to ovwian,ujevwu or Aladja,are now been block by the numbers of vehicles on the express.

My pain and fear is how,both vehicles and tricycles were manoeuvring, and I taught of if any trailer or tanker with load should have a break failure.

That would amount to several,lost of properties and life.because those coming from Orhuwhorun,are stock at the middle of the express, likewise those coming from DSC roundabout.

I want the Delta state government, to send down a traffic police team, to place, for this period, especially this festival period.

Gridded traffic jam

Because it can only be control, by a traffic police for a free flow of movement, in that place

And the government should think of a flyover, bridge at that point because the population of residents in that area is growing geometrically,this should be done to enable free flow of traffic in the future..

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