Some Unusual Secrets That Can Sustain Your Marriage (part 2)

By Samuel Jovi

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Your opening up to your spouse is very necessary

The Family Community Strategy

According to Sociology experts,the family,is the first smallest community. Because the great and small, the mighty and the low in society,and all great leaders, are a product of family. So no one should underestimate, the family in any given what make up any race, or society,are a product of the family.

Having know that,we are going to reveal,the way of community in the family. Remember, we said in part (1),of our previous article, that the man,is the head of the family, while the woman,I’d the of the family. I taking us back,because, in today family, we have seen so much disunity and hatred among families. This is especially, when both the father and mother,are dead from that day,so many at times,the family, can either turn Syria, Iraq or Somalia. 

What come next is war on how to share properties. Everyone, throws away,sense of reasoning, to the wind.I have attended, burial ceremony in which, a member of the family was shot dead, while the burial is still ongoing.

The Lost of Ancient Tradition, a Challenge To Present Marriage

Before now, father’s, especially in Africa, were marrying four to five women, in same house and still there were no riff among them,even after the death of the man. Even King David in the Bible, had so wife’s, but we didn’t see any of the children fighting over properties, or we should say because,he is a king, I think that is not the reason, because right about now, we still have kings,but no one, deer to Mary up to 20 women in same palace, because you will just cut short your life. As we have seen, even with one wife, some times you can be in a mini hell. 

Right now,many of the oldest people among us who witness, the era of polygamy can’t figure out, what is the real problem here. However this is likely to be the key in our time, the family community strategy, can sustain not only the marriage, but also the bond of the entire of family. It has nothing to do with nuclear or polygamous family.

Clearing The Debris In The Family Meeting

Follow this steps,every month you as the man, call a family meeting, don’t give excuse of not always around. We have modern communication gadgets these days. So stop the there, make sure you have an agenda,because everyday, the family is growing, and new changes must take place, so make it a heart to heart discussion. As the man,make the children to know the value of your to the family, this will make them to obey their mother the more. And as the wife,do the same, and stop insulting your husband to your children. In this meeting, give them the opportunity to ask certain questions and expression themselves about you the parents, and answers their questions with love and respect. And don’t play the boos in your family, it is a duty that must end in the office. Or work place.

Placing Value In Your Spouse Opinions

Some men dont even allow, their wife to talk,not to say of making any opinion.however, it is very wrong to see your wife, ideas as not needed by the family, although this is common among African culture .But in today society, many of the women are becoming wild and rebellious. It is now so because, because the men didn’t place value in them.don’t forget she too was uniquely created, with six sense organs,which add unique qualities to she too deserve attention to her opinion, the fact that they are weaker vessels, doesn’t them fact their suggestions, can help to build an empire, in the like of Mary selesor or Ngozi Okon Jo iwhela,of our time in Nigeria.

Do Not Undermine Your Spouse Ideas In Your Business Quest.

So as a man always ask your wife, to contribute to your business ideas, and some times, ask her to draft out the business ideas of your establishment. And likewise with the wife, don’t say your husband don’t understand women business, and you decide to keep the problem from him and went outside to meet your neighbor’s wife,who is jealous of your family, she might give you the wrong advice,that may ruin your business. And what many wife don’t know is that they want their wife’s to succeed in their business, though they may not show it in their expressions.but are happy when their wife is doing well.So for you to sustain your marriage, do tell people, that my husband suggest I do it this way,although, in matters of professional or experts, you can get one for the right information.

Grudge Is a Capital Enemy To The Peaceful Home

According to proverb,”out of the aboudant of the heart,the mouth speaks.”.and this is very dangerous, to any couple. And I m going to warn here ,do not keep grudges in your marriage relationship, please spite it out,during the family meeting or in the special quarry ,to free your self.because these days, it is grudges that are responsible for the unusual behaviors of couples.

Some of these grudges can even start before marriage, and in the marriage, they began to unleash their anger on their partner. And this can lead to a trouble ground marriage.We hear of how some partners, either stab or shot their partner to death, these are products of grudges, for instance the lady who was shop by a police officer in Delta State, is product of grudges. And the woman who cut off the husband manhood, while they were in action of sexual pleasure. Just because of the rumor she heard that the man is seeing another woman.

In conclusion,as a couple do not occupy yourself,with any grudges, it may lead to a disaster in your marriage, always put love at everything,you will by this means sustain your marriage.

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