5 Unusual Secretes That Can Sustain Your Marriage


Tega’s husband admits cheating on her as he asks for forgiveness (BBNaija)
The couples with understanding will strive.

Marriage is the coming together of two adults individuals,male and female from different background. So marriage is a dream of every single boy or girl. But what we see today,couples find it difficult to maintain their initial love relationship.
As a result,there is high rate of divorce, the worst is that pastors are not exempted from this hurricanes called divorce,regardless of the anointing they carry. Even right now,marriage councillors are finding it difficult,to sustain their Marriage, and some of them are now victims of divorce.
Nevertheless we are going to highlight five unusual secrets that can help couples sustain their marriage.


.According to the popular saying, “‘silent is the best answer given to a fool”, but I will rather say “silent is the best answer given to  sustain a marriage“.even the Bible make us,to understand that” Even a fool can be assume to be wise, if he or she is silent “.So as husband, when you hear your wife, nagging around the whole house, just be calm and quiet, don’t say a word, after some time, she will start to feel guilty in her mind, and for you to confirm this, she will say things like; I m talking now and you are quiet, can you imagine that, were you talking? Or nagging.she can even add another question, like are you deaf? Nevertheless, her facial expression,may not show her guiltiness, but it is capable of sustaining, your marriage.

Likewise the woman, if your husband is short temper, this method is very easy for you, as a wife,when your husband, comes from the bead room, to ask you about the where about ,of his missing item,and shouting and ranting, with loud voice, and even make attempt, to hit you, just be silent and calm and cool, don’t say a word to him, in few minutes,he will be surprise, that you didn’t talk back at him,especially if you are the type, that always quench fire with fire,realizing this, he will begin to feel stupid, with himself, and  self guiltiness, will come in, he might also question, your silent verbally, but won’t do anything more. Then you just sustain your marriage.


The book of proverb, make us to know that “It is only a fool, that will see trouble coming, and will stand” this is the very truth, that many couples neglect, you know what provoke or anger, your spouse. don’t tell me you don’t know. Because, during your dating or cutting, some of these traits, are sure to be there, don’t assume, he or she will change, once you get married, if that is your thinking then you might get a chocking result in it.note the word marriage is not a magic or spell, that can just transform event overnight, no is the answer, “you must create a formula for every equation

That will appeared in your “marriage examination answer sheet”,for instance, you know your husband doesn’t like to see dirty clothes on the bead,yet you left all the dirty undies on the bead,some wife can even drop them in the seating room, with bra.some won’t even change the clothes, they use after cooking and house shores, they will still come to the seating room to gist with the husband and his visitors.wife stop all that irritating attitude, to sustain your marriage.

While for the husband, you know your wife, is a nagging bell, apology to the wife’s,why provoke, the demon in her,by failing or forgetting to drop the children’s, feels or food stuff money, and yet you come back in the evening and gather with your company, to seat at the compound, and you hosting them, with four to five crate’s of beer, been consume already, or the worst these days, some can even decide to come home late, without settling, any bill in the house, don’t blame her,for the unruly behavior, instead be a neat wife, and be a responsible husband and you will sustain your marriage.


Our people says,that quarry is the cord between two people,who stays in one house. Because in Truth, one person can’t quarry, except he or she is mentally unstable,or probably high on something.likewise, in marriage the couples can quarry, even Adam had argument with the first woman,created with him. But let not go that way for now,however there is a form of quarry that couples can adopt, it is know as the negotiating of views and opinions in marriage.this is how it is done,depending on individuals.you can ask the children to go inside or outside, that mum and dad want to discuss the,way forward for the family.

What we must know here is this method can help your heart and mind to be stable, and avoid BP.so you should say something, because after the silent, you must pour out your minds and heart,so that your minds won’t be corrupted by unwanted taught,or do you think after absorbing, all the nagging and shouting, is over, come friend, it is not.

For you not to go and sell your family out, always, create room for family chock absorber, that is the negotiating quarry.because by then, nerves are already calm.in this method, both of you can now begin to make a review, of what went wrong, note;don’t bring in blame game, is a demon of it own,so to kill it,just accept your weakness.and this is what you can bring in,; “The facial expression rewind”, for instance you can tell your spouse, how beautiful,handsome or ugly, he or she look while spiting out those venoms, this joke is capable of sustaining your marriage.


The husband from beginning, is the head of the home, but he must act as the leader at every point. The man,have some unique qualities, and abilities that the woman don’t have.so as a husband if you know you left the house or wife,with the wrong mark, though this may vary from individuals, but this is the best method, as soon as you are coming back to the home,look for something, that you know your wife can’t resist easily,

Get it as you get home, present it to her, and at same time, open your wallet or cash transfer to her all the bills, and add extra for her personal shopping, if she didn’t give you a romantic kiss and hug, then come back to this site and drop your complain, on the comments section,because definitely, she will give you herself like in the young days.last of this, try to read the facial expression of your wife,you can easily understand, her mood ,so in understanding her moves, you can easily sustain your marriage.


Just as the husband, is the head of the home,the wife is the lead of the home. There are unique qualities, the woman possess,that the man don’t have. She possesses the weapon called the “mirror”the wife is the mirror the children, watch.the children will always take tolls after her moves, so her step must not go wrong.

The woman is the weakness of the man, the wife has the capacity ,to always get the attention, of the man,because when Eve, was presented to Adam, he exclaim,; at last the bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh. However I will tell us the main weapon.” The missing ribs of man “,so if the man is vex, or provoke, immediately she returns the missing ribs, He will always say this is the bone of my bone and flesh of my, with this you can sustain your marriage

These may not be the best methods,but try them.do not forget to follow us for more educative marriage secrets tips on this site. this is just the beginning.

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