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Just as the name implies, Christianity and politics are opposed institutions, according to the view of every average Nigerian citizens.

Opposing Ideology again Politics

It is view that way, because of the teachings of the Christian leaders,especially in Nigeria where extreme religious ,is mostly practice.As their teachings depicts the divine and righteous way of the man Jesus Christ.
Christian religious expert, make us to understand ,that after the death and resurrection of Christ,the Apostle, were even more determined, to spread the teaching of Christ, through their missionary work.the Bible book of the  Act of Apostle, contains all these evident.

The Founding Seat Of Politics

However for politics, it is separate institution,that deals with power tussle, and philosophers, like plato, Socrate Gamaelier and other philosophers , explained, in their thinking gave us various types of political class and association.
So in the real sense, from all indications, politics is a game of supremacy of power among the elite. And the low class are subjects to the elite class,and they lord it over them all,with total control of the economy powers that hold each system.

Having know the difference between the two,nevertheless, it now time to know that Christianity and politics are  rather brothers and sisters from biblical origin,even from heaven.

The first politic,was even play in heaven the very throne of God.it was there that Lucifer,went about to campaign,against God by deceiving, majority of  God Angels, to rebel with him against God.

Again in truth,this method was used again by Christ when he came to earth to redeem mankind to God,by a way of righteous deeds among the Jews citizens.

Christ Political Charisma

One can even say,that Christ, is the greatest politician that ever leave. He doesn’t have money, or government power,but the multitude ,that was trooping around him, was unbelievable. At a point, even the leaders of the Jews government, had to secretly come to meet him in the night. That was Necodemous
So if he (Christ)wanted, to overthrow, the Jews government, it would have been, so easy to get in without, fighting any battle with them.

So the key to politics is influence, and that is what Christ did.he influence all the people, in his time to God through his teachings. So it was very difficult, to stop him as they find it hard to resist his teachings.

Ancient Divine Political Leaders of The Bible

What we must know from time memorial from the old testament, the church was in control of the government, from moses,Joshua,Deborah, Gibeon,Samson and more who were leading the people by God divine rule as at then.And even the reign of Kings and queen in Europe, like England,France the decisions were incorporated in the church authority. As far as far as the seat of the pope was always contacted.

However ,this governmental, system began to fade, around 16th -17th century, when Islam and other religious groups, saw the advantage of it influence, in policy decision making. And the Catholic church, have so mush control of the government then.

The Turn Around Of Government Power

So they too ,began to make strategies, by luring ,some of them,  to their gatherings, especially the judges and top members, of the royalty and even, king Henry of England also carried, a good numbers to break away, with the help of some of the priest and clergies.and  so this method, was adopted by them, especially the Muslim, with the era of war to conquer territories at hand,as  they can’t win without government support and back up.

The Coming Of Various Political Philosophy

However, in the case of Nigeria and other African, it was the era of colonialism, through the Christian missionary,while the Muslim through Islamic jihadist fighters,nevertheless,other religious also came in later on.though the Africans,already had their own established religion.so this colonialism and  force ruling was established in the various colony’s.

As a results, after independent,it was both Christianity and Islam who were at the helm of government affairs, though in Nigeria the Islam dominated and were more in power because the Christians see it as a deviation from God command.

Okward Ideology Of Christians

The Christians, distance themselves, from politics, when elections, were becoming bloody, as assassination and arson was on the increas, Christians even brand it “A Dirty Game”. And the few ones who managed, to be participators,were even coil out by their priest and pastors.

Product Of Corruption At The Head Of Affairs

So the government, was filled with men and women ,who had no fear of God and since, they are mostly ,traditional worshippers from the Yoruba’s ,corruption was very high, among the government officials and they were, embezzling the national treasury. So for them, it is an opportunity,because even the Muslim at a point were also against corruption.

Playing The Master Of The Game

The worse of this whole scenario,they not only not understand ,what judgement from God meant, they even come, to the men of God to pray for them, to emerged success in their election, and as they win ,they go back to their politics of selfish interest and divide rule ideology.

The Role Of Christianity To Advance Nations

But that is not the case, of Europe and America as they, never deviated from Christianity , infact they inculcated ,Christianity into their political system, so their great political philosophers, were fully rooted ,in Christian activities, so majority of their leaders ,had proper Christian upbringing. And so they believe equal justice, of social responsibility, to every citizens,that is why the Americans say “God bless America”.

A Call To Action By Christians And Muslim

Therefore in Africa, especially Nigeria,the Christians,should wake up, why the Muslim neighbors,must speak to their brothers, whose understanding of humanity is bias,to change,y and Christians, should by means of necessity, train and sponsor, members into politics,with their prayer and fasting giant, going into the red Chambers and government houses. And through their believe and ideology they, can influence the decision of government laws in favour of majority of the citizens.


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