Those of us, who are familiar with the story of Jonah, in the bible,if you could remember,you know that, Jonah was given a message by God, to go and warn the people of Nineveh (Jonah 1).

Jonah running to another country through boats.

However, jonah refuse to go,he instead went to another place. For you to know how mean and selfish he was,he even refuse to remain in Israel and still yet he also found himself in Nineveh.
And that is how some of us humans, especially these crops of our generation,they don’t want to make progress,still they won’t allow others to progress.

Wishing others what we don’t want.

 In fact to worst things ,just like some of us who are even Christians,Jonah finally accepted to preach, the gospel of repentance to the people of Nineveh,after preaching,and warning the people, though in his mind,let me just do my duty,since I am here already,however I want them all to die by God anger ,in his mind, the people of Nineveh are too wicked to be saved.

The people Nineveh pray for God mercy.

Geting angry at others progress can also hinder us.

Nevertheless he was shock, at the measure of repentance,that was recorded among the people,to his surprise everyone in the city, repented at his in his selfish mind,he got angry and went outside the city to wait ,for the destruction of the city,so that he can now probably,go and brag to his fellow prophet,like Nigeria or some of the prophet in Africa will do,about how he went to Nineveh to preach after which the city was destroyed after his prophecies.

Fananticity of Religion practice

And this is how many ,Christians and women of God of this generation think,in fact currently,many Christians and religion fanatics are very mean and selfish,even the so call prayer warriors and prayer giants,they don’t, understand the message of Christ,when he said;”it is mercy I want and not sacrifice “.

Lack of forgiveness in our prayers

In fact the pattern of prayer, that is now been adopted, by the new generation of churches, is all about fire rain and kill all the enemies, is even now in their gene to some families in Africa especially Nigeria,that your enemies must die by all means and so there is no room for repentance brothers and sisters.

Prayer Points Of Hatred In Our Hearts

Right now, if you listen to hear the pattern of prayer point that are been raised in churches gatherings ,and house fellowships at every of the prayer ground, is all about fire and thunderstorms killing the enemies,even in market places,fellow sellers,release very dangerous prayer points,that even you as a buyer,you will be afraid to branch buy stuff’s from there.

Our Harsh Judgement Is Deviation From Christ Message

Let us even talk about how some of us, despises prostitutes and repentant criminals around us.and if that prostitute by God mercy,get married, a prayer leader will even be angry and if she gave birth successfulness to the child, they get more anode,and as to why must she have a child of her own. They even start to judge, and pass judgement, with reasons as to how did she get married in in the first place,not to say of having her own child.thank

Too much priorities at other people fault,and forgetting our own mistakes

Some can even analyse for God the reasons why they must suffer or even the worst in life,like Jonah who want the people of Nineveh to die.They even think that the prostitutes can’t raised a good child,just as it was ask in the bible by Nathaniel “;can anything good come from Nazareth”? And you will even ask,who make them judge?and why are they angry at God mercy on his creatures,just as Jonah was ask.

The propel of Nineveh Putting Ash on themselves.

Yes God have to make Jonah know that he (God) is not happy at the death of a sinner,instead He wish that they repent and be saved. However that is not the case of Jonah, he want God to send fire down and kill them all.

And what could be his or her reasons for this hatred reasons;they are thief’s,Rapist,prostitutes, kidnappers, criminals, bandits, herdsmen, gays,corrupt politicians, corrupt judges, Yahoo boys and girls and womanizers etc.

The Ancient City Of Nineveh During the Reign of Kings.

Nevertheless,what we must know,is that destruction, is not the will of God for these sinners, reasons is what He told Jonah that, these people do not even know their left from their. right read Jonah chapter 4:1-11.

Let be clear about this,what right do we even have, as to be angry about people that God is showing mercy to? Are you the one that create them? Are you the one feeding them, clothing or giving them breathe of life?.

Over Righteousness Is Betrayal of what we represent.

Here is even what is, bad about our religiosity and fanatic attitude, especially Christians, now  for example, when we see an ignorant lady sleeping around ,with both men of God and husband’s of wife,instead of correcting her,we refuse, and now she receive, the grace of God and mercy , upon her life, and probably, she finally got married to a very decent,and innocent guy,we quickly attributes it, to using charms on the man,and sometimes we even stigmatized and discriminate her like the Pharisees.

Hypocrisy Is a Subject To self righteousness.

But we too,should not forget that, we also have our short comings, and have also been involved, in one wrong thing or the other,even in our most secret Chambers,and we also ask God to forgive us by asking for God mercy. And  now come this sons and daughters of Zion,who went astray,now come back to his or her maker for redemption,we get angry,for nothing but for Him not only sparing him or her from destruction, but also for the blessings.

The Way Of God Is Totally Different From Man

So in conclusion, I want us to know that God will, is different from ours,so your question about the young men and women who kidnapped, steal,including militant boys and cultists ravaging our campus and streets,unknown gun men and women, even the herbalist,God have a purpose for do not condemn them already or ask God to release fire to consumer them.Remember God  spent his time and energy to produce them,you never contributed anything to create them,so allow Him (God) to do with them whatever He wishes.

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