Sam Sodje:You Can Still Go To School While Playing Football


The retired footballer,who played for FCC Reading, Charlton FC and WestBrom ,now based in England,was a guest at the Delta Broadcasting Radio Station Edjeba warri

He came for a sport interview,regarding his new Appointment as the sport adviser to the Delta state Governor;Dr Sen Ifayin Okowa and to also speak about the super Eagle creative issue.

Although he made it clear, that the super Eagle team, is not lacking in creativities. Noting that the team, have players who can take the team to greater height with the crops of creative midfielders that they have currently.

He however said it only depend, on the team coach abilities and tactics, to make the best use of what he has.

Speaking at the interview,Sam sodje express his happiness,for the appointment,by the the Delta state government.

When Ask by the presenter,about how and what he intend, to bring to the Delta state sports ministry ,the former super Eagle and Reading defender said,that his goal is to make all sports Athletes to understand that you can reach the peak of sports regardless of your educational background and career.

¬†As he said you can still go to school while doing sport.and this statement can be tally to his interview with,PREMIUM TIMES sports. When he said “my goal is to make upcoming young ones to understand,that yes you can play football,but be ready for life after sports.

We however know now what Sam, is capable of bringing to the Delta state, sports world. Nevertheless, we wish him all the best in his new role ,as the sport adviser to the Delta state Governor Sen Dr Ifayin Okowa.

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