The Reason Why Christ Is Also Adam(the doctrine)

By Solomon Ovwerhe


The identification of Jesus Christ, as the second Adam, is an understanding that is clearly describe, in scriptures Analogy that is mostly found in pauline writings .Where we are told that Jesus Christ,came to do what the first Adam could not do.

Who Is Adam,In The Scriptures?

As we already know, from the tradition of sacred scriptures,Adam is the first Man to be created and so he is seen as the father of the human race.(CF Gen: 2).

The image of Adam is such that ,the beginning of humanity rested upon his shoulder.Although  Adam fell into the sin of disobedience (CF Rom 5:12) and this brought death upon the human race.

The Person Of Christ

Jesus Christ,according to the teaching of the the church, put it as the second person of the Blessed Trinity,who became incarnate for the salvation of the entire world. (CF John 3:16).


How Christ, Became The Second Adam

According to the teaching of St.Paul ,the disobedience of Adam, brought death upon the whole of  humanity.that we know already also,so it is also then possible that the obedient of Christ, also led to the Redemption of the world. (Rom 5:12,19).According to the teaching of the Catholic Church, from it catechism,”The Apostle Contrasts the universality of Sin and Death,with the universality of salvation of Christ”.

So therefore as one Man trespass led to the condemnation for all Men,so also one Man act of righteousness led to the redemption of life for all Men(CF ccc402)

This mean in a special way that Adam disobedience brought Redemption,therefore what Adam did wrongly,Christ the second Adam came to reconcile and Amend it.

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