Time The Factor Of Our life Determinant.

By Samuel Jovi

So soon life ends for every man or woman,though painful but we can only call it time up for everyone.

Look in this life,you may have plans but no one will know or care about it,when it is time up.You may be a man or woman of great wealth, the painful story is that you are not really the original owner. The maker will give them to another man or woman who don’t even deserve them,because they belongs to “Earth”.

Again all your memories and reputations of great deeds of skills,wisdom,knowledge and understanding never belong to you,they belong to “Circumstances”.

You may claim to have the best families and friends, but in truth they never belong to you,the original owner is the”The paths you travel to life and in life “.So even if you have wife’s or husbands and children,these also never belong to you,they belong to ” HEART”.So she will take them back when your time is up.

To crown it all you may now ask about your Soul,but sorry to disappoint you it belong to “GOD”. Even before time began,He (God) is the original owner.

At this point you may now ask what then do I own?Truth be told,you never own anything,everything was giving to you by someone,so why then must you keep them to yourself?.

So be good at every moment,think good at every moment and remember to thank God for every moment.

I will draw the the cotton from the scripture of Ecclesiastics 12:13″ Fear God and keep His commandments for this is the whole purpose for man’s creation “.Life is nothing but just a moment.

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  • September 25, 2021 at 2:02 pm

    If all should know this in Africa ,our continent will be great.


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