Not lesser but greater.

Cherish the stage you are and work things through”.

I was going through the Bible passages and I saw this scripture that captured my Mind.

“And God made the two great lights—the greater light to rule the day and the lesser light to rule the night”

After God was done with the creation of the light, he called one greater, and the other lesser and these are the light man now called sun and moon.

We all know where the moon get it light from, the Sun.
But yet, There is something that is attached to the lesser light that the great one can not give.



There is something I found unique in the 🌒 moon, that is,it ability to shine in the night.And I wonder why God call it lesser.

The moon is the lesser but that lesser light is still the same light that the witches perform or carry out their most dark activities.And Many powerful church program are held at night, the moon time.

Some rituals carried out their activities when the moon is in full shape.

The Lesser But Powerful.

What I am trying to say here is,

We might not have all the power, or carry this light Like the sun but we draw from those that carries the light.. but I what you to understand something.

Either you bear the light or receiving from someone, all that matters is how much you know,and how is that light important to others.

The moon have no light of it own but yet, it period at night can never be underestimated,it brings forth it light which is more essential to some certain group of people, than the sun.

They call you lesser, doesn’t mean you are nothing…
You are Lesser because people that need you are exceptions.

Why don’t you see reasons with the process and begin to shine that light because if it is Lesser then that is the time children need to Play… Have you forgotten the moon night play? The best play ever.

Either you are LESSER or GREATER you are taking or playing an important role in life….
You are lesser doesn’t mean you worth less, you are lesser in activities because you need to attend to Kings
Cherish the stage you are and walk things through.

God bless you


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