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Many years back from the beginning when Man was created, from the book of (Genesis chapt 1:20-27)till this,it is the believe of everyone especially Christians, that Eve was the first woman to be created.However that may not be the full truth.

The first woman that was created with Adam same time and day was Lilith.she was created with Adam in the garden of Eden same day and same time,and this the very truth.Because in God’s original plan of creation, all living things are created in two pairs communion living. So this was what happened before man was given dominion over every other creature.

However Lilith,the first woman created with man was not ready to be second in control to Adam in the garden. She was protesting at the decision of Adam,forgetting that though they were both created at same time and day, however authority over the garden of Eden was given to man (Adam)alone,and the sole responsibility of the garden was upon Adam.

So by the time when Adam ask Lilith to perform wifely duty, and she to stay beneath Adam in the process, she refuse,sitting their equalness in creation as excuse for her action. Adam who was not ready to give his place as man to the woman, insisted she go down for him (Adam).

After much disagreement ,Lilith started developing wings at a point, she flew out of the garden without telling Adam.because she too have the power of divinity, though this act was totally wrong because she has defile the garden rule. As a result of that she can’t come back because the keys to enter and go out are with Adam.

Nevertheless Adam was still waiting for her to come back and will always go to the gate to check,because he too can’t go out without taking permission from God.so he can’t go out to look for her.

Now all responsibility of the gardens is now upon him,a not having anyone to share ideas with, he to had to inform God.and God sent three angels to go and look for her ,they however found her,but under the deep sea water ,by then she is already settling down with the falling who were ready to be subject to her,because they too already protest in heaven.

The Angeles told her to go with them but she refuse. So they Left her and went back to tell God and inform Adam.from that moment Lilith became demonized in form of serpent like structure.

Adam was know longer, at peace with himself, he became lonely, and was even jealous, of the animals who always, move in pair around the garden, and he (Adam) was the only one, single at that point. Genesis chapt.2:18.

The lord God, had to call for a, heavenly meeting, and it was decided, that another woman, be created for Adam.so Adam, was made to fall into a deep sleep,immediately he woke up, he saw Eve the beautiful bride. More beautiful, than Lilith and he saw part of himself, in her (Genesis 2:23) and said, “At last this is the bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh”.

And so they began to leave and love themselves and Adam became happy again .He so much love Eve ,that at a point the news of their love had gone out of the garden of Eden. And it got to Lilith who came to see for herself and this make her to be jealous and angry as she watch from outside. Though she made attempt to enter but could not because of the restrictions..

At this point she return back to the sea,however she was not happy that someone has taken her place of honour. So she took counsel from the Prince of darkness being thrown down from heaven and is here to take revenge on Adam,and so a means was diverse to carry the mission,and so she lure one of the creeping animal called serpent who came out of the garden,she entered the serpent and waited for a time when Eve will be alone and began to persuade her to eat the forbidden fruit.

After accomplishing her mission, she took the key of the garden and came out of the serpent, and flew out with the key and gave it to the Prince of darkness is very CUNY.

From that moment Adam and Eve where driven out of the garden. Lilith has been described as the origin of spiritual wife prostitution.and also known as the demon of the desert as she was driven far from human living as a result of her act.


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