The two celebrities were at loggerheads when 2BABA,make move from the house with his belongings to one of his baby man place outside the country.

However things didn’t go well with ANNIE as she was seeing quarrelling with 2Baba younger brother and family as the brain behind the sudden change in their historic love story.Meanwhile 2Baba younger brother at the other end accusing ,Annie and her family for caging his brother 2Face from them.

There was increasing tension,when Annie younger brother came publicly to demand apology from 2Baba younger brother for insulting their mother,with a time mandate.

All these drama wasn’t going well for 2Baba so he ask people to leave him and his family matter alone.

This statement from 2face brought down tension.but still yet 2BABA is yet to come home. And it look like Annie is tired of waiting for his love at first sight.

So she share on Instagram their love proximity ratio. And the analysis of their love Genesis.

You can see from her post Annie is telling the enemies of her marriage to stay clear as she has been hustling with 2Baba for long.describing their love with the two numbers. 15 and 16.

shee equally express her love for the husband stating how she is missing the love of her life. These are emotional expressions from Annie.

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