Some Fact About Creation And The Evil Seed On Man,That May Not Be In The Bible You Should Know.

By Samuel Isaiah Jovial

The book of genesis chapter 2:1-4,before chapter, we were told from the Bible that the Lord God created everything living non living thing on out of nothing.

And after every creature,it was said that the the Lord God that everything he created was good.that was genesis chapter 1:11,and from that moment the Lord God was please with all that he created.

At the end of all the work of creation,the Lord God rested from all his work.Genesis chapter one contains this. And you can even say he went for vacation.Though he can rest or went for vacation never the less He is always aware of what is going on at the Garden of Eden.

So in the cause of Jesus teaching when he was on earth, He began to reveal to his followers the mystery of what was happening in genesis chapter book of Matthew chapter 13:24-30,in a parable that the kingdom of God can be compare to a man this depict (God),because man was created in the image of God and likeness.
So according Jesus that the man sowed a good seed in his vineyard or Garden and went to sleep ,but in the midnight some group of evil people came to sow evil seed into the garden.notice ;They never removed the good seed nor destroy them,but only to sow the evil seed into it and left.

So when it was morning,the went to check on the seed,but behold there were grass or weeds inside the vineyard, and he became surprise so he quickly rush to tell his Lord of the latest situation.So this the mystery of what happened in the garden of Eden.

However according to the Bible narrative, the garden of Eden was the and still the most beautiful place one can think of .Even Angels to it for sight seeing. On earth as at then it was the most beautiful place that is why is was call the Eden.Because the Lord God put in it every things one can think of.

And since the angels always visit it,on one of their visit to it the saw a different pattern, Genesis chapter 3.They became confused and began to question among themselves ” look our Lord planted good seed into his vineyard but how come this weeds are now inside? “So without time wasting ,they went back to the lord God.and began to give their report; “we went to earth and just returned, however we are still in planted good seed into the garden how come we are now seeing evil seeds?.then they lamented “The are going to destroy the crops. They won’t survive. In anger one of them said ; you should let us go and uproot them all from the garden.

Then then the Lord God said that the enemy has done this. The another angel asked the Lord;do you want us to go and pull them out? The Lord God replied; NO” however some other angel began to complain in anger;how can we let them be ?they are using up the soil nutrients and the crops won’t grow proper.the insisted they go at once to destroy them as it is an injustice.

However the Lord God said “If you uproot them now, you will also destroy the good seed,we must allowed them to grow together for now,never the less at the close of Age,you will have the opportunity to first pull out the weeds out and burn in the lake of fire,but the good seed.but the good seed you shall put in my barn or kingdom.

So it is that man was created as the good seed into the garden of Eden,but there was the seed of evil that down into the garden by the by jealous angel that was driven down.who was the enemy of God and man.however God also kept quiet by also nurturing it.this this revelation in the parable of “THE VINEYARD”.

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