Some Of The Great leadership Quality That Can Changed The World

By Samuel Isaiah

Definition of a leader has been given by various scholars and by various expert in various leadership seminars and schools.

But I will say ,a leader is a person who lead a group of people .However according to coy:He define it as a person who succeeded in leading a group of people.A leader also must accept ideas from his subject.

A leader is a person who must at every point put confidence on his or her followers. A leader should also respect the subjects

A leader must deal with people who have feelings,and he must recognized that as part of his responsibility.

A leader must have initiatives,that is ideas to solve challenges,so as to sustaine things around him or her to show his or her quality ideas in leading.

A leader should take the followers ideas and ready to accept suggestions from the subjects.

A leader should bring out the best from it subjects.He or she should admit his or her wrongs and render fast apology,and must have the ability to resolved conflict .and to crown it he or she must have fast thinking ideology and a listening ear.

I think with these few leadership quality that has just been enumerated here we can add to our leadership quality and skills.

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